For the active skater who like to have his reliable skates ready to go.

Active skater who values long lasting basic skates to grab the opportunity when ice and weather coordinate well enough to skate for hours.


Specifications Allround:

  • Annodized aluminum ;color bronze
  • Hardened steel blade; 1.25mm (stainless, robust)
  • 100% reliability (chemical and mechanical fastening)
  • rocker 23m
  • twin axeled Salomon Pilot binding (more stablity)
  • height 4,4 cm including binding
  • weight (incl. binding) 480 grams (L)
  • 4 lengths:
  • - S (39.5cm)
  • - M (42cm)
  • - L (44.5cm) 
  • - XL (47cm)

Consumer price: $249,=